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Christmas brothers stamp

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Three Christmas brothers rubber stamp. (Not including an ink pad)
Size: 1" x 2.5"

This is the first time JapaneseRubberStamps is making rubber stamps on print-on-demand and sending them out to the whole world.

This rubber stamp is designed to be connected.
Press it long horizontally to decorate the edges of the card, or use a lighter-coloured ink to press it across the paper for a watermark-like effect.
Each character is very charming!
Smiling Santa, a reindeer and a gingerbread man.
The design is completely original and only available here.

=== About POD(Print on demand) stamp ===
Currently, shipping takes a long time and shipping costs are very expensive, so if you create the product with my design worldwide, it will be very quick to get the product to you.

Unfortunately, I cannot make the packaging as spectacular as when shipping from Japan.
If you are giving it as a gift, I recommend that you have it sent once to your own address, wrap it and then send it again to your friend.
At that time, please enjoy decorating and wrapping with your favourite rubber stamps.