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About us

Hi my friends,
My name is nico creating original rubber stamps.

I am selling my rubber stamps on Etsy, however Japan Etsy accepts only Paypal for your payment, so I opened my own page.
I would like to create new products only my own web page and also I will hold a nice fan event later;) I am so excited!
It is now 6300 people are our shop fans on Etsy. You can see lots of lovely products' reviews.


First of all, I moved to UK from Japan because of my husband's business.
I didn't know what I could do in the UK first, but I wanted to enjoy my new life, so I started creating my own design stamps.


I love unique small stationery.
Mainly I make cute and useful rubber stamps by hand.

I came back to Japan in 2015.
I closed my Etsy shop in January 2015 and ready to go back to Japan.

I couldn't get an internet connection for a long time, but some of my customers need my stamps.
I could not wait opening for them, so I started opening my Etsy shop in May 2015 again.

Now I am creating design stamps.
Design stamps are made by machine and designed by Japanese Rubber stamps.



Also I make original washi tapes.
I love washi tapes. Japanese washi tapes are very good quality and there are thousands of varieties.





I can not stop collecting them and when I create designs of washi tapes, I am so excited.
I hope you love one of our products.

Here is our Youtube channel!