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Love shoes washi tape, Original washi tape, Japanese stationery

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This is an original washi tape for shoes lovers!
This easy to use masking tape features 12 pairs of cute pumps and elegant high heels in a pop of color variation.

Since the base color is white, this masking tape is easy to use anywhere and looks great on black paper.

Size: 15mm x 10m (0.6" x 393.7")

The size is standard and ideal for decoration and gifts for shoe lovers.

The masking tape is made in Japan and the stickers on the front of the tape are made with great care.
We hope you enjoy it.

Also Japanese washi tapes a re great quality.
Masking tape sticks and peels easily, so it is very easy to use it again and again.

If you haven't use Japanese washi tapes, please enjoy them.
I am sure your craft life will be completely changed!