Need to pay VAT! (An important news)

Thank you 2020!

Posted by nicoJapaneseRubberStamps on

In 2020, I moved from Etsy to my own shop and I am so grateful for all the people who have visited my shop.

We started 2020 in COVID-19, which caused some inconvenience to our customers in the US, Canada and Australia.
We are both heartbroken and grateful to those who have agreed to pay the high shipping costs even in this situation.

Also, due to my mechanical ineptitude, I was not able to properly set up the countries to which I could ship, and I am very grateful to those who sent me a message saying "I would like to purchase" and I was able to do business with them.

We will continue to ship to the USA and Australia using a private shipping company with high shipping costs, and in Canada it is difficult to ship to private homes so far.

We hope to continue to run the shop in 2021 with fun events, easy to understand listings and a pleasant experience for all who visit us.

It has been a very difficult year and we hope that 2021 will bring you lots of good news.
Thank you for your continued support of JapaneseRubberStamps.