Need to pay VAT! (An important news)

I hope this Christmas is peaceful.

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Dear stationery lovers!

How are you and your family doing despite the chronicity of the coronavirus?

Now, flights have been reduced and shipping costs are rising.
In addition, the current war between Russia and Ukraine is making it difficult to ship throughout Europe and there are significant delays, including to the only countries where we can ship.

Due to the corona, USA shipping rates will increase further from June.
The cost of shipping to the USA is still quite high at present, but there are advantages of faster delivery due to express shipping.
Shipping costs are flat-rate, so we urge you to buy in bulk.

If you are thinking about Christmas gifts, including the price increase from June, please consider buying now while shipping costs are still low, even if it is a little early.

Please note that European customers will have to wait a little longer to shop with us. (Design Products can be shipped worldwide)

Japan is currently 60% in cherry blossom.
It is still chilly and usually by the end of March the flowers are in full bloom and by April they have all fallen, but this year is particularly cold.
As the new school year in Japan starts in April, every year students take photos in front of the cherry blossoms.
It is not unusual for the cherry blossoms to have fallen by the time of the entrance ceremony, which is usually in April, but this year they will probably be able to take their photos under the cherry blossoms in full bloom.