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Japanese wooden stamp, Japanese Inkan stamp, Square stamp, Art signature

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This is a traditional Japanese wooden stamp.

Your name or company name will be converted to Japanese.
This stamp is very popular in Japan and is equivalent to a signature in foreign countries.

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Personalized wooden stamp
Hard case
Stamp pad (Japanese traditional red)

This is the perfect gift for people who want to use it as a signature for their artwork or for people who love Japanese culture.
They are delivered in a hard case, so they are easy to carry around and look great as a gift.

Seal size: 21mm (0.82") square

Wooden stamp is not deformed, so they can be more easily scratched than standard rubber stamps.
Please enjoy this as well.
In my opinion, a standard rubber stamp is very easy to press and flexible, but the size of the stamp changes a bit depending on how you press it.
So I think that I make stamps from wood or hard material on purpose to avoid size fluctuation when I check it in official situations.

As you can see, wood stamps are different from ordinary rubber stamps in that they are difficult to handle, so if you are concerned about it, there is a rubber stamp version available, so please use that one.

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