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Open me Sealing wax rubber stamp set of 2

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These are wax-sealing style rubber stamps.
One is a circle stamp with an Open me message on it.
The other is a set of two stamps that can represent the puffy wax around it.

These rubber stamps can be used not only as stamps, but also for actual wax and glue guns.
I have tried it several times and the rubber does not melt.

If you run out of wax or want to decorate but don't have time to melt the wax.
Combine two of these rubber stamps and you'll be amazed.
You can complete a wax-sealing style decoration.

If you use wax or a glue gun, you don't need to use the stamps that represent the surrounding wax.

When using wax or a glue gun, do not pull the rubber stamp off forcefully or the rubber and the wood of the handle may come off.

When using as a stamp, first stamp the wax around the wax part and then stamp Open me in the centre of the wax part to create a sealing wax-like stamp.
We recommend changing the angle to change the shape of the wax.