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Decoration leaf stamps set of 4

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This is a rubber stamp set for decorating fallen leaves.
The set comes in a handmade box with four different types of leaves: maple leaf, gingko, holly and simple leaf.

~Four versatile stamps~
Leaves can represent the seasons just by changing their colour without changing their shape.
Maple leaves are orange-brown to represent autumn, and ginkgo leaves can be green or yellow to represent the season.
Holly is perfect for Christmas decorations.

A very useful set of rubber stamps for all seasons.
They are delivered in a handmade box and make a great gift.

Each stamp sizes : about 2.2cm (0.9")
***Not including ink pads

Basically, ink pads are not included.
Please use your own ink pads for seasonal decorations.

If you want to enjoy a variety of colours, Artnic or Versamagic are recommended.
The colours are beautiful, have good colour reproduction and little bleed-through.