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Thank you antique signature stamp

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This is an antique sign-style Thank you rubber stamp. (Not including an ink pad)
It can be stamped on Post it to say thank you, or used as a decoration when attaching a message card.

Size : 1" x 2.5"

If you want to personalise your wedding, rubber stamp decorations are also very useful as you can change the colours and make other arrangements.

=== About POD (Print on demand) rubber stamps ===
JapaneseRubberStamps' new attempt to sell design rubber stamps using PODs.

Currently, one of the concerns was the high cost of shipping and the time it takes to deliver due to Corona.
This will make it possible for JapaneseRubberStamps designs to be purchased more easily from all over the world.

However, as they cannot be shipped from Japan, glamorous wrapping is not possible.
If you are buying these as a gift, we recommend that you ship them home first, then wrap them and ship them to your friends.

Handmade items such as rubber stamps will still be shipped from Japan.