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Lots of coffee beans stamp

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This is a rubber stamp of coffee beans sent for coffee lovers. (Not including an ink pad)
Freshly ground coffee is the best. The aroma of coffee ground from the bean is exceptional.
I made a sketch of my favorite coffee beans and turned it into a rubber stamp.

Size : 1" x 2.5"

If you use a dark color, you can express strongly roasted black coffee beans, and if you use a light brown color, you can enjoy the lovely decoration of coffee beans.

=== About POD (Print on demand) rubber stamps ===
This is JapaneseRubberStamps' first attempt at a POD (Print on demand) rubber stamp.
We struggled with how to cope with the recent rise in shipping costs and shorter delivery times.
I decided to resort to POD because I wanted people to enjoy their craft life with rubber stamps designed by me.
This would allow me to handle orders from anywhere in the world and would greatly reduce the delivery time.

However, it cannot be delivered in the same glamorous wrapping as shipping from Japan.
If you are thinking of it as a gift, please send it to your friend in pretty wrapping once it has been delivered to your home!