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Lotus root rubber stamp, Renkon stamp, Japanese traditional pattern, Japanese rubber stamps

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This is a handmade lotus root rubber stamp.

You have heard about "Lotus" before, it is a beautiful flower. 
Japanese people eat lotus roots. It is called "Renkon" in Japanese.

I love lotus roots very much and the shape is very unique and Kawaii, so I made this rubber stamp.


Stamp size: about 3.0cm x 3.5cm (1.18" x 1.38")
Handmade by nico

Usually I attached the wooden handle, but I would like you to enjoy this round shape lotus root, so I don't attach the wooden handle.

If you haven't eaten "Renkon" before, please try "Kushikatsu". 

It is very nice texture. You can not stop eating.



Please enjoy Asian decoration!