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Kabuki mask rubber stamp, Japanese traditional culture, Japanese rubber stamps

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This is a handmade rubber stamp making Japanese Kabuki mask.

This mask is called Kumadori in Japanese and it is very traditional.
These are made from 2 parts.
When you use 2 different colour like this listing photo, Kabuki mask looks very realistic and traditional. (These are only rubber stamps, not including ink pad)

Kabuki mask size: about 2.0cm x 3.0cm (0.79" x 1.18")
Handmade by nico

Do you need ink pads making clear Kabuki mask print? 
Please check "Ink pad" section.
Japanese high quality ink pads are easy to dry!

【For customers from the US】
Due to changes in shipping methods, ink shipments are severely restricted.
Please note that only rubber stamps can be shipped and you cannot choose to have an ink pad!