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Japanese Kokeshi doll stamp, Wedding rubber stamp

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This is a cute Japanese Kokeshi doll wedding stamp with a little love hearts stamp set of 2.

Japanese Kokeshi doll size about 2.7cm x 3.3cm (1.06" x 1.3")
Little love hearts stamp about 1.0cm (0.4")

Japanese Kokeshi doll is a wooden toy for children in 18 century in Japan.

Since 19 century, Toys which came from abroad were very popular, however lots of adults enjoy collecting them from all over Japan.

Now it is very popular as one of Japanese souvenirs.
Each Kokeshi dolls are different shape and facial expression, so there are lots of collectors in Japan as well.

Kokeshi is one of traditional Japanese dolls, and I designed Kimono style wedding stamp.

Man wears Hakama and lady wears white Kimono. It is very traditional style doll stamp.

When you decorate your wedding invitations, this rubber stamp is very unique and cute.
If you love Japan, this stamps set is very special for both you.