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Formal Japanese inkan seal

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Your name becomes a wooden seal!

For those who want to register a new seal to take up residence in the Japan of their dreams.

Here we can make a seal for you to use as your seal registration in your municipality.

Seal registration is a system whereby you register a seal with the same notation as your certificate of residence with your municipality.
You can register your surname, name or full name in the same notation as on your certificate of residence.
However, you cannot use a middle name that does not appear on your certificate of residence.

Rubber or soft material seals cannot be registered.
These are made from hard wood.

If you are unsure of the notation on your certificate of residence, take a look at your residence card.
Your residence card is made based on it, so if you are unsure, check your residence card.
(There are strict rules for seal registration, so it is 100% certain to ask the municipality where you will be registered for the notation.)

【About your stamp】
A seal with only your surname or name will be made with a diameter of 13.5 mm.
For full names, we make them with a diameter of 15 mm.
Even if you don't need to register your seal, this seal can be used in formal situations
(e.g. when opening a bank account or stamping documents for formal procedures).

If you have any questions, please feel free to message us.

You can also buy a seal with your name on it if you like Japan and want a seal with your name on it.
It will be sent to you in a Japanese-style case.

***The case has a simple red ink pad, so you can use it anywhere by simply carrying the case with you.
Please contact me by message if you need a proper red ink pad as it is a simple red ink pad.

*Once we receive your order, we will create a design and send you a message.
Once we have received your confirmation, we will start creating it.