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Rotation stamps, Cat rubber stamp, Birds stamp, Kawaii stationery

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This is a rubber stamp with 13 different patterns that change depending on the rotation.

Size : 4.5mm x 32mm (0.17" x 1.26")
(per pattern)

This rubber stamp has 13 different patterns, arranged in a line,
so it can be used for borders or connected together for decoration, making it a very useful rubber stamp.

*Ink is not included, so please enjoy decorating with your favourite ink.
The small size makes them perfect for decorating diaries and calendars.

【Which one is your favourite?】
1. birds: swans, penguins and a long-tailed tit are depicted.

2. cat: a cute stamp with a cat playing.
The stamps with separate upper and lower body are my favourites.

3. plants: a stamp of plants with beautifully detailed lines.
It is suitable for all seasons and looks easy to use.

4.Decoration: simple patterns are available, so they are very useful for notes and message cards.
Also useful for making birthday and Christmas cards.

5.Japanese patterns: stamps with retro-style Japanese patterns.
Just by changing the colours, the atmosphere can be very different.

6.Hand-drawn: unique stamps with hand-drawn lines. Useful for decorating journals.

7.Foods: this stamp is packed with lots of pop motifs such as fruit and coffee.
A bright and cheerful stamp that you can enjoy changing the colours in all the patterns.