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Dinosaur stamps set, Hobonichi rubber stamp, Card decoration stamp, Japanese rubber stamps

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This is cute handmade dinosaur stamps set of 4.

=== Contents ===
Tyrannosaurus 1.7cm x 3.0cm (0.67" x 1.18")
Spinosaurus 1.6cm x 3.4cm (0.62" x 1.3")
Triceratops 1.7cm x 3.0cm (0.67" x 1.18")
Pteranodon 1.5cm x 2.5cm (0.6" x 1.0")

I put 4 dinosaurs in a handmade box.
(Box size is about 4.5cm x 7.0cm (1.77" x 2.8")

These stamps are handmade by nico.
I chose 4 popular dinosaurs.
You can decorate birthday cards, gift wrapping paper, hobonichi and planner.

Also if you need a custom stamp, please contact me without hesitation.