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Hydrangea rainy season rubber stamps kit

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This is the rubber stamps kit for making colourful hydrangeas.
The three-piece rubber stamps set includes a hydrangea, hydrangea leaf and a smiling face snail, so you can enjoy decorating with different colours and different arrangements.

The size of each rubber stamp is less than 2cm (about 0.79")
Handmade by nico

The small rubber stamps have handles attached, so even children can enjoy trying their hand at the craft.

My favourite hydrangea colour is pure white hydrangea.
Last year, when I went to a park famous for its hydrangeas, I saw a large white hydrangea blooming in the shade of a little tree off a path and was very impressed by its beautiful, unclouded appearance.

In Japan, the rainy season is often disliked because of its high humidity.
I felt I was able to experience the beauty that can only be experienced at that time of year.


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