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Avocado decoration handmade stamp, Japanese rubber stamps, Unique rubber stamps

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Unique avocado stamp set of 2. 
One is an avocado outline stamp, the other one is a colour part.

How to stamp!
1. Please stamp outline avocado stamp. (Wooden handle stamp)
2. Please stamp color part stamp on top of the avocado print.


Stamp size:about 2.0cmx3.0cm (0.79"x1.18")

You can make a lots of avocados!
These are very funny and cute.

Avocado is one of my favourite fruits.
Also I love avocado motif,  avocado shape is very unique and cute.

If you use a suitable ink and stamp to the fabrics, the prints won't come off when you wash them.


If you would like me to make another vegetable or fruits, I can make it specially for you. I am always taking custom order.