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Personalized apron, Hibiscus wreath

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This is a custom apron with your name!
If you love cooking, this apron is very special for you. I can add your name in the middle of a beautiful hibiscus wreath.

This apron is very thick and good quality apron. There are 3 separate pockets, so you can put cooking tools or towel.

Also this is an original design, so if your friend or family member love cooking, this is an unique gift for them.
If you would like to send this apron to your special person who love gardening, it is good for gardening as well.
I draw some beautiful hibiscuses.

*When I got an order from you, I will show you how looks like your apron first, so please enter your special name when you order.

When you are happy with apron design, I will start making it.

【Detail about this apron】
・Dimensions: 24"l x 28"w
・Made from a 35/65 cotton-poly twill blend
・Machine washable
・Made in U.S.A.

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Please enjoy your new apron!