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New stamp (Big tentacles! and big ice cream)

Posted by nicoJapaneseRubberStamps on

Introduction of new rubber stamps.
I used to make tiny rubber stamps that could be used for crafts, but this time I made a big change to the project and made a large rubber stamp that can be stamped on fabric.
I made the design very large and more realistic than the previous sizes.
If you use the special ink, you can also stamp it on fabric and make your own original aprons and tote bags.
Of course, making wrapping paper to wrap presents is also unique and interesting.

The first is an octopus tentacle.
The cool design of these tentacles is very popular. It seems to be well received by men.

The second is an ice cream with a retro design.
This design can be used by adults and children alike. It is recommended for wrapping paper.


We plan to make many more large stamps in the future.
Please look forward to them.