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New product 【 Initial large tote 】

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New product is available!

➤➤➤ Cat silhouette initial tote bag 


We are making a custom tote bag.
It is a cute cat silhouette with your initial black large tote bag.

No more plastic!
Let's save our beautiful earth!

When you take your tote bag with you, you don't need few plastic bags.
I take my tote bag with me when I go shopping.

When I forgot my tote bag, I feel guilty to use small plastic bag.


Have you heard of ”microplastics”?
I visited Okinawa island 2019, and went to aquarium.
It is a serious problem for sea animals because of microplastics.

When we try our best, we can save our earth and animals.
Please read "microplastics" if you haven't heard about it.


Also we have some tote bags, please check if you are interested.