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Osmanthus flower (Kinmokusei)

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It is autumn in Japan.
The hot summer is over and it is now a little chilly unless you wear long sleeves.
When you are relieved that the hot summer is over, no matter what you do, you can smell the fragrance of the golden osmanthus(Called Kinmokusei).

The golden osmanthus is a flower that is not so familiar to people outside Japan.
It is a beautiful flower with many small orange flowers in clusters, and the fragrance is so unique and strong and rich that if you smell it, you will immediately know that there are always many golden osmanthus blooming nearby.

Autumn in Japan is pleasant and you can enjoy the autumn leaves and the fragrance of the kinmokusei, even if only for a moment like this.
The golden osmanthus only blooms for about two weeks, so you only have a moment to enjoy it.
However, it is a popular tree planted in many different places and may be easy to find. They are more often seen in private houses than in urban areas.

Recently, a wide range of golden osmanthus hand creams, bath salts and fragrances have been sold, so they may make great souvenirs.