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I went to Osaka Castle!

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I went to Osaka Castle!
I visited Osaka Castle for the first time as the plum blossoms were in full bloom.
It was a beautiful and warm day, so it was very pleasant.




If you are going sightseeing in Osaka City, JR Osaka Station is the main station that everyone uses.
Needless to say, it is also the station of choice for many unique stores such as Yodobashi camera.

The fourth stop on the Loop Line drom JR Osaka station, which goes around the city, is Osaka-jo Koen Station.
Once you get off the train, Osaka Castle is right in front of you.

From the view spot on the map above, you will have a chance to see Osaka Castle in the distance, if only for a moment. This is a view from the window of the train going from Tenma Station to Sakuranomiya Station.

Osaka Castle is built on a vast site and is crowded with dog walkers, walkers, and runners.
Just walking around the moat is quite a distance.
Furthermore, you can walk from the gate to the castle and get right under the castle.

This was my first visit to Osaka Castle and I did not expect to be able to visit so close to the castle.



In addition, for an admission fee of 600 yen, you can enter the interior of the castle, and it seems that you can climb up to a very high position in the castle.

I did not go inside the castle this time, but the view from the castle must be beautiful.
Hideyoshi must have looked down on the castle from there.

Furthermore, there is a building at the foot of the castle that houses souvenir shops and restaurants, but it must be crowded with people at lunch time, so I would not hold my breath.
Some snacks are sold at stalls around the moat of Osaka Castle, so you may be able to eat them.

It seems that Osaka Castle is lit up at night until 24:00 every day, so you may want to go out for a night walk.


More detail about Osaka castle is below.

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