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Beautiful season greeting from Japan!

Posted by nicoJapaneseRubberStamps on

Hello everyone, it has been a while.
You have stopped updating since the hot summer.
It has been very cool in Japan. The weather is nice and the season of beautiful fallen leaves has arrived.

Japanese maples and ginkgo trees have beautiful colors and I feel like I can taste the very sad autumn from their colors.
I think the autumn leaves are more beautiful this year than last year.


Now that the ban on travel to Japan has been lifted, many tourists from abroad seem to be enjoying Japanese sightseeing spots.
I went to Kyoto the other day and Kyoto station was crowded with people.
It was crowded with both domestic and foreign tourists.

Although we are still under the influence of Corona, I hope that you will come to Japan someday to visit us.

Christmas will be coming soon.
In 2022, we had a difficult time in our operation due to the Corona, and there were times when we could not ship our products, but thankfully, many people came to Japanese Rubber Stamps, and we are very happy to see them.

We will be gradually adding more products so that you can enjoy our new creations again.
And I hope to make some more Youtube videos in 2023.
Please look forward to it.
Happy Holidays!