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Akashi in Hyogo prefecture!

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Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture.
Akashi is famous for octopus.
It is also famous as a place where seafood is landed in abundance because of its proximity to the sea.

It is also a town loved by many tourists and locals because of its convenient transport links.

There is a shopping street called 'Uo-no-Tana',
a five-minute walk from JR Akashi Station, where you can eat tempura made from fish and a snack called 'akashi-yaki', which is octopus in an egg.
Takoyaki is world famous, but Akashiyaki is a lighter snack with a more gentle taste and made mainly from eggs rather than flour.
It is eaten dipped in dashi broth and is light, with a typical serving of around 15 pieces per person.

This time I had the salmon roe bowl I was looking for.
The fish roe called Ikura is salmon roe, cooked, dipped in broth and seasoned to perfection, so it is fresh and when you put it in your mouth, it pops and the umami bursts out from inside
It is very tasty and you should definitely try it when you go to Japan.


The Akashi Castle site is located north of Akashi Station.
Akashi Castle is a castle without a keep, so it may lack in power, but there are not many places where you can get off the station and enjoy such a wide variety of tourist attractions.



I hope you enjoy Akashi tour!